Why aren’t there any superheroes?

Usually a question like that is proceeded with “anymore” but to be anymore there has to have been some before and to my knowledge we’ve been rather short of the caped crusaders. Not the from another planet types or bitten by a radioactive bunny rabbit while being struck by lightning at the high of some alignment of planets. If it wasn’t bunny powers that situation sounds pretty cool. “The Bunny” hardly strikes fear into the hearts of evil doers.

“Beware O’ doers of dastardly deeds. I can…um…disguise my pooh as chocolate drops and can jump really quite high”.

Yup that career would last maybe as far as the chocolate pooh before being beaten into a pulp of something very similar, Ooh ow ouchy aaah no we wouldn’t like that. Though you might get let off with the savage beating. Yes they may just shoot you instead. Short, quick, too the point but a little bit rude don’t you think.

But really any radioactive abilities that you might get is the ability to lose your hair, teeth and life at a greater speed that average person.

So maybe we’ve answered why there aren’t any of the “Super” Superheroes kicking about but what about those with the really spiffy gadgets and the outfits to match. You’re a bored millionaire…no lets make it a billionaire and it’s not you it’s me…oh all right it can be you. You think “Aha! They were a good band but I’ll get to them later for tonight I’m going to patrol the streets in my….oh wait the insurance isn’t paid up and there’s not space for bus fare in this utility belt….curses I am defeated.” But should that individual get out there and find some crime being carried out for which they can thrust themselves into the fray and…..oh dear….bloody pulp again. Well at least they didn’t sho…ah right they did.

Um so it seems we’ve managed to work out why there doesn’t seem to be any out there trying to save the day. The fantasy of it does seem far more appealing than the reality. Whooshing about in colourful pages or brooding deeply to the black and white ones all the time knowing that when the book is closed you’ll still be blood free and pulpless. It’s the best of both.

Although you have to wonder if there are any out there. Keeping under the radar, no one knowing what they like to do with their evenings. A billionaire has to do something with their time after all.

Sooo....what are you thinking?

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