you have to make sure your pants look good over your trousers

I’ve been thinking but it started to hurt my head and decided to ponder instead, far more soothing and relaxing. But yes I was having a ponder and came to the conclusion that if you’re going to be a decent sort of superhero you really need to be able to pull off the whole underpants over the trousers thing.

I think I should have used a more appropriate phrase than “pull off”. Although the quick change is an important factor in the whole superhero thing. You’re walking along the street, a crime begins a happening and your insert superhero name here sense starts tingling, pulsing, giving you that constipated feeling. It’ll most likely be one of those. You see it, you want to stop it but you’re not in costume….oh no. You really need to be changed and ready for action in seconds.

This can be as dangerous as the crime fighting itself. Have you ever tried pulling your pants up over your trousers as you’re running to the rescue? It’s hard enough doing it while standing still. I nearly fell over and there was nary a nefarious miscreant about so imagine how dangerous it would have been if there was.

I’m starting to think there’s more than one reason other than the bloody pulping that there aren’t any superheroes about.

Sooo....what are you thinking?

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