Grabbed by the Ghoulies


The 80s was a time festooned with monstrous wee beasties that would take you out at the ankles. Critters that would munch your Mother, feast on your father but possibly leave your siblings alone because some things have to be left to mature, they’re just not ripe yet. Ah but Ghoulies, you don’t want to be caught by the Ghoulies. They don’t even believe in the sanctity and safety of the porcelain palace of protection. Look at them, the little buggers get you where you’re most vulnerable.

Ghoulies is the story of a 35 year old 25 year old who inherits the family mansion where he is possessed by the evil of his long dead father that causes him to conjure up demons to do his bidding. Though there doesn’t seem to be a huge amount of bidding going on. The Ghoulies don’t really do a lot. They’re almost background players who do have their time to shine towards the finale but they’re not on the Gremlins or Critters level of mischievousness. They save that for the sequels.

Ghoulies is a cheesy 80s horror that spawned three sequels of varying quality and instilled in children of the time a perfectly reasonable fear of the bog. If it wasn’t the worry of toilet snakes or baby alligators then it was the Ghoulies that was going to get you in the end.

I’m kind of scared to go to the toilet now. Which is bad because I really need. I’m also a grown adult shaped person with so much manliness you can drain it from me to make….oooh I shouldn’t have said drain. I also exaggerated my amount of manliness. It’s there but it’s like gooey centre of a hard sweetie. Because I am a sweetie.

No…no…we shouldn’t fear the bathroom. It’s not like bad thing have happened in bathrooms like people being killed in the showe….oh wait. But the toilet is usually….I just said it wasn’t didn’t I? See…no…Ghoulies is fine. No one really gets it while they’re on the bog.

They save that for the sequel too.

Now if you look below you’ll find my fist attempt at Podcasting. It is…short…because talking is hard. I should have planned it first. Maybe next time.

The first and possibly only episode where I enjoy the 80s horror flick Ghoulies and try to talk. — Send in a voice message:

Sooo....what are you thinking?

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