making an effort this 13thAh the About page.  Um what to say, what to write…oooh well I’m about so tall, about the house and about to scratch my bum.  Aaaaah that’s better.

Now I blog because…um because…erm yeah why do I do it?  Oh yeah because it’s a bit of a giggle.  Not to say that I don’t take it seriously, here look at this serious, serious face I have.  But you can’t take these things too seriously either.  It’s a larf and we all know what a larf is.  That’s right it’s a noise that come out a hole in your face.

I’m not planning on setting the blogosphere alight with in-depth discussion on the trials and tribulation of the world at large.  There’s enough people doing that and really the world out there isn’t nearly as much fun as the one that lives inside my head.

Until the Olympics recognise the event of human draft excluder I think I’ll have to find some other means to make my way through the universe.

While I’m waiting I found I really love playing about with pens and paper and cameras and photoshop seeing what I end up with. If it’s any good I’ll let you see it too.

I’d like to have my own Millenium Falcon parked in the hanger bay of my Enterprise A orbiting around my own private moon Flushtropilos as I fly blind on my rocket cycle.