I saw the Wonder Woman…nae spoliers

I tell no lie. I did. I saw it. I watched it too. I experienced the experience of being sat in the pictures with a wee popcorn that barely lasts the length of the trailers and thus wasn’t distracted by it while taking in a film which was simply majestical. Yeah, it’s a word…Majestical.


Now I’m not sure I can really say any more than that for fear it may become spoilerific. Gawd just imagine going into the pictures knowing what was to come. There’s a special sort of hell for individuals like that. A darkly vicious place where there is nought but flaming hot pokers that are poked in sensitive spots. Yeah you know the ones. I can sense you squirming in your seats as the thought of having with a razor-sharp prick get jammed into your…*ahem*…yes, shall we move on? Yes, you’re right. We should.


I went into this with a fairly low expectation solely based on the last few efforts from DC. Man of Steel and Batman vs Superman had their moments but there were so many flaws that the moments we buried under piles of out of character actions, a mismatched tone and just being quite shite really. I am looking at the handling of Superman in this and dropping him into a thoroughly dark and depressing world that is the antithesis of what we expect from Superman but then….Wonder Woman.


It starts. Things happen. Then more things happen. Then story develops. Villains are revealed and an origin film grows naturally into a rather superb piece of cinema. The bane of the origin tale is that it usually had too much origin and not enough story. We have to put up with the character discovering their powers, learning how to use them, and thus unleashing them on the bad guy at the end. For Wonder Woman we have a nicely paced origin that leads to a fully trained Amazon Warrior all ready to do super stuff. And the stuff was so super. The reveal of….dammit….too close to spoiler.


Although it did not feel like a superhero film. It is. It does not shy from its comic book origin. It’s not clinging on to the post-Nolan real world, lets not pretend this isn’t a comic book film style that Zack Snyder appeared to stick a bit to close to. Zack, Zack, Zack, Zack….the more I say it the more is sounds like a Batman ’66 sound effect. But I digest and digress. If you don’t like superhero films then it’s war film if you don’t like war films then it’s a fantasy epic. If you don’t like any of that then…um…Guardians of the Galaxy vol.2 was good too. Wonder Woman does a fantastic job of meandering between fantasy, war film, and an adventurous romp. Maybe not romp, that does make it sound a bit camp. This definitely is not like the camp 70s tv series with he stupendous Lynda Carter. Although it does allude to it with the attempt at a secret identity.

ww photo

I could say so much more but spoilers. I could think of a couple of critisims that come to mind but they would break the spoiler embargo and I want you to go see this without the shadow of poinless critisim. Could be a spoiler. Spoilers. Spoilers, Spoilers. It is just that good. Dare I say…too good? The costume is perfect. There is not a bad performance. The story and execution fabtacular and the director Patty Jenkins got the tone perfect. My only fear is that Justice League will pale in comparison. Though if that’s the case there is always Wonder Woman II to look forward to.

Now go see it. Off you go. Go go GO. Have fun. Don’t talk to strangers. Bring me back a sweetie.

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