Haven’t we done this before?

Don’t you ever wonder that? You’re sat at home or you’re out and about or you’re just doing stuff and then this wave of familiarity washes over you.

“This has happened before. I did this. And yet here I am doing it now for the first time.”

thoughtsYou want to just put it down to deja vu. Yes let’s not dwell on it. Let us assume that it is merely the brain playing a jolly jape upon us in the way that it does. The brain is always doing things like that the sly little bugger that it is. Like the way it fills you mind with wondrously creative ideas in the moments before sleep only to have you completely forget them on waking. Or there’s the way it shows you how to win every argument; past, present and future, while in the confines of a warm and soapy shower only to have you completely forget them on stepping out. Every thought dripping off you and exploding into tiny wet pools on the bathroom floor. And of course we must not forget the every reliable way the brain will cram itself full with facts and figures and quotes and trivia and the all important information that will have you picking up your doctorate, your professorship, your bronze swimming certificate, only to have you completely forget it all when your bottom touches the seat in that exam hall.

It’s quite ironic the way brain will refuse to remember the rememberings you really need to remember but is quite happy to throw out that sensation that you’ve done it all before along with the random film quotes and the jiggle from that biscuit ad from the 90s. You know the one, it gets stuck in your head and goes around and around and….oh I see it on your face now. It’s in there. You’re stuck with it now and for that I am truly ambivalent.

But you have to wonder why this happens. Is the brain already so monumentally full of stuff that the important facts are just that bit too big that they can’t stay in there while the tiny annoying and utterly useless facts can stick in those tiny spaces. They are the toenail clipping and cake crumbs of your everyday existence that wiggle their way down the back of the couch that is your mind.

Ah but what is it full of?

Well I’m glad you asked that. For I have a theory on this stuff. It is not a fact filled theory oh no I’m not the sort of person who would allow things like facts to tarnish a good bit of ludicrousness. You might call this poppycock, claptrap, or, if the situation was dire enough and there was no other work that could possibly express your incredulity, balderdash.

I do like the word “Balderdash”. It sounds like a feat of speed for the follically challenged. Watching them unleash themselves at full pelt as one after the other they soar across the field. The sun beating down on those shiny, shiny scalps. Feeling the wind brushing through their….oh…um…yeah let’s leave that one there for the moment.

Anyway as I was saying before I was rudely interrupted by myself in a cunning plan to give myself more time to make up this truly awesome idea.

The reason nothing stays in the brain….it’s already full.

brainYes I see you’re trying to get your heads round the concept. You’re sitting there wondering “full of what?!” Well I’m glad you asked that while sounding a lot like me. Very good way to suck up to the teacher. No…wait…that’s apples. Yes but where was I? Ah yes the brain is already full of the thing you already did last time you were here doing what you’re doing now. Yes…yes…no…that wasn’t a flicker of comprehension. I thought we were having a moment there.

Those feeling of deja vu, what if they’re actually what you did during the last universe. Ah see you’re getting it now, you’re getting it, you’re getting a giant net and straitjacket? Wait…what…no. While I wouldn’t mind my very own straitjacket you should stop and look and listen.

Right we have big bang, universe keeps on expanding and expanding and then at some point the rubber band of the universe plays its last twang and everything contracts back again at such a force and suck a speed that it creates another big bang and once more the universe is created. Now what’s to say that this hasn’t already happened. When you drop a stone into a pond from the same height and the same spot and the same size of stone the differences may only be minuscule so perhaps the results of one universe popping out of another would lead to the same yet only slightly different occurring. It would also mean that the movement of the universe would have some predetermined control over the actions of the individuals in it. Nature nurturing you in such a way that you’re due to replay the same actions, thoughts and goings on that will one day lead you to that moments when you sit up with that perplexed expression upon your face and thing to yourself “I’ve done this before”. And probably not for the first time. There could have been an infinite number of universes that predate this one and in each one you have performed the same function over and over and…and…hmmm that sound like most work days.

Science will be my judge. And probably already has been. I’m almost certain this will turn out to be bollocks. But entertaining bollocks. Like when you paint some grey and call them an elephant.

Oh but what if I’m right?

Actually that is quite a scary thought. If I’m right about this sort of thing then I could be right about some of the other pondering that bounce around the inside of my head and there’s some of those thing you really wouldn’t want to be right about.

I’m going to sit in the corner now and think happy thoughts.

Happy, happy, thoughts.


Sooo....what are you thinking?

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