They Live, and we might just be them

Today we’re all a little out of bubblegum and with the news that Rowdy Roddy Piper has joined the greats in that great big ring in the great beyond. I can feel that many of us, as I am right now, are turning to that classic that is “They Live” and ooh it just got to that epic brawl to end all brawls….I’ll be back in about 6 minutes….oh dear god those must truly be balls of steel to survive that sort of pounding.

You sit and watch “They Live” and come away from it believing it to be nothing but a straight forward action flick. An extravaganza filled with gratuitous violence to satiate the cravings of the masses. But perhaps there’s another way to view this classic. For while it is very action orientated that doesn’t belay the underlying satirical nature of the film.

they liveBut before I continue, have you seen it? No? Not to worry I can wait.

*Whistles nonchalantly*

Is that you back? Did you like….oh you couldn’t find it. Ah well for those who haven’t seen this epic it is a tale of an average largely build Rowdy Roddy Piper and his quest to save the world from an alien invasion. Marrying 80s action wonderment with the pulp sci fi of the 50s. A film perfect for railing against  the yuppie infested, greed is good, I’m more perfect than you society that appeared to permeate the 80s. Of course no one would have ever dreamed that this message would have been delivered by the rowdy one. His mullet blowing in the wind, the tartan on his shirt glowing in the darkness, his eyes popping out his head in incandescent rage.

With Piper portraying the man with no name who awakens to the true nature of the world around him and decides to fight against it. Not in the metaphorical sense either. For this is Rowdy Roddy Piper. The clue is in the name. The Rowdy part. Coming to realise that we are controlled by the mass media and money and no amount of tin foil head-gear will block out this onslaught of subliminal sneakiness. Yes I said sneakiness. There are probably bigger and better words for it but ooooh they’re just sneaky buggers deserving of a spanking. And a thorough spanking they got too.

But it’s the message and not the messenger that you should pay attention to. They are everywhere and we are them. It might not be aliens that are…well I don’t think it is….it could be, looking at the total indifference and otherworldly attitudes they have. They being the have’s, the ones with more than everything. The ones who look down upon the rest of us with contempt while at the same time telling us we should be one of them. It really is a confusing message really. Yes having it all will corrupt you completely but you can’t instil change without having it all to change with. It is most distressing. It’s like having to become a ghost to do some exceptional bustin’.

How often do you have the telly telling you to eat this, buy that, and to marry and reproduce. Though it might be less marry and reproduce and be more “phwooaaarrr on you go ladies and gents”. And to that I say nay. If someone offers you the naked stuff you just look them in the body part of your choice and say no. I mean it wont make a difference to the world by why should I be the only one who has celibacy thrust upon them. Just let me catch up and then everyone else can start-up again.

Though when you truly do stop and think about it for a moment we really do live in that world already. We might be missing the cool transporto watches but the film does hold a mirror up to the world and the world looks at it and still thinks it’s the fairest of them all.

Ah yes it probably is best to just sit back and enjoy the spectacle of exploding explosions and mullets. After all storming building at gun point is frowned upon these days and the only other way to change the world is by doing something and I’m already comfortable in bed.

Sooo....what are you thinking?

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